About Us

About Us
P1012-1016, Podium Sing Fai Terrace, Taikoo Wan Road, Tai Koo Shing, Hong Kong
Tel﹕2568 9706
Fax﹕2568 1944

Our Philosophy

  • To teach children to love each other and develop perseverance in their attitude towards learning
  • To equip parents with methods and skills of parenting in order to ensure quality whole-person education and care for children.
  • To enable the society and public to understand the key emphases and importance of early childhood education upon the foundation of our school motto and vision

Managerial Staff & Teacher Qualification
Our teachers are professionally trained in the field of early childhood education. Our principal is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in preschool education . The panel heads are registered social workers committed to promoting early childhood education.

我們的環境 Our Campus
Adequate lighting is provided at our campus. We create a warm learning atmosphere by decorating the campus with the photos of our students’ families and school activities and by putting our students’ artwork on display. A variety of interest corners with rich learning resources arranged in an orderly way are set up in the classrooms.