Curriculum Design Philosophy
Our curriculum is developed on the idea of “CHILD” to enable the society and public to understand the key emphases and importance of early childhood education.
Centre: The curriculum focuses on children’s development with adjustable learning content that meets children’s needs.
Home:The school is the second home for children. Children will enjoy learning in this happy home.
Individual:We respect each child’s personality. Every child is born with unique potential.
Learning:Children can develop a love of learning through taking part in play-based learning and free choice activities.
Development:We pay much attention to children’s whole person development.

  • each regular routine to children to help them develop the habit of being organised
  • Provide children with fun experiences interacting with their peers
  • Enhance children’s learning motivation
  • Unleash their musical and artistic potential
  • Engage children in research activities related to their interests and daily experiences
  • Free play and exploration
  • A range of activities to enrich children’s learning experiences
  • A curriculum that helps children construct knowledge and develop different skills
  • Nurture a positive attitude towards life/span>
  • Use questions to stimulate children’s thinking and creativity, guide children to express their thoughts and develop their logical thinking skills step by step